Bitstamp Login – Buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum

What Is Bitstamp?
Licensed in Luxembourg, Bitstamp Ltd. is the first fully licensed BTC exchange broker in EU that offer bitcoin trade in different currencies (USD and euro). Founded in Slovenia, the exchange grew to be one of the most stable BTC brokers that offer its services globally. The exchange is available on Windows, Linux, Mac and on mobile apps.
Is Bitstamp Exchange Safe?
IsBitstampsafe? Being one of the first licensed bitcoin platforms, the site is safe for bitcoin trading. It offers two-factor authentication security through phone number and password, which needs to be changed every three months.
How Does Bitstamp Work?
After the account registration and verification which takes about 2 hours, you would be able to instantly purchase and sell BTC, XPR and LTC. You could also use an order book, where you can limit the price purchase or sale to the price margin you want to get.
Bitstamp Payment Ways
The payment methods that are accepted at Bitstamp login cannot be viewed as numerous but they do cover the most widely used ones: credit card purchase (done in both EUR and USD)SEPA (EUR only)coupons from other websites international wire (USD).
Fees and Commission
The trading fees stand at 0.25% for a volume of less than $20,000 monthly though it would drop to 0.1% should traded volumes rise to $20 million monthly. Additionally, deposit fees are charged for USD/EUR transactions of 0.2% while different purchase methods and withdrawal options have their own rates: credit/debit cards – 2% for withdrawals 8% to 5% depending on volume international wire – 0.05% withdrawal and 0.09% purchase SEPA transfers – free (withdrawal has a commission of 0.9 EUR).
Bitstamp Comparison
In this section of the tutorial, the Bitstamp will be benchmarked against two competitors: Coinbase and Kraken.
Bitstamp vs Coinbase
Both brokers are considered as being the top of their game when concerned with the safety of the accounts. The main difference lies in wallet services in which Coinbase offers wallet services while Bitstamp does not. Bitstamp, on the other hand, offers order book services for clients, while Coinbase does not have such service. The Coinbase USD bank transfers are mostly used by US clients while Bitstamp offers SEPA solutions for European clients.
Bitstamp vs Kraken
Kraken exchange is considered as one of the top players in the bitcoin markets, as it accepts various currencies and has low fees compared to competitors. When compared to Bitstamp, two exchanges are very similar in terms of fees (up to 0.25% for bank transfers), payment methods and support. The only real difference lies in the fact that Kraken accepts a greater number of currencies, while Bitstamp offers order books while Kraken does not.
Bitstamp in Different Countries
Bitstamp could be used by clients that have a credit card and bank account. EU countries like Italy and UK can use SEPA transfers, while international wire transfer could be used globally, examples being Australia and USA. No matter if you live in London or New York, you can use your bank transfer or credit card to purchase and sell bitcoins at Bitstamp login.
The only limitation is the minimum purchase amount which currently stands at a value of $5. The purchase amount is unlimited.